Abstract painterly

In his recent works, Chris Walsh engages with his characteristic affinity for observed geometric shapes and grid formations. But while a grid’s repetitive design immediately reveals itself, his use of negative space and complex forms challenges viewers to uncover and explore. In doing so, they encounter paintings that expose their own processes through gestural brushstrokes and perceptible sites of revision. Working their way across the surface of the canvas, audiences become excavators as they find evidence of Walsh’s previous compositional decisions, reminiscent of a city’s layers of history.

Born in New Hampshire near the Appalachian Mountains, Chris Walsh worked as a professional artist in Brooklyn for twenty-five years before moving to Toronto. The impact of his surroundings is evident in his current paintings, in which natural imagery, inspired by butterfly wings and Da Vinci’s observational studies, meet the influences of urban design.

Initially trained in Printmaking and Drawing, Walsh graduated from Pratt Institute in 1983 with an MFA in Painting. His art has been exhibited in solo and group shows in New York, Toronto, and New Hampshire and is featured in private, public, and corporate collections including PepsiCo, the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey, and the Yale University Art Gallery.